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F10 online formFAQs

I select Print/Save summary button and save the printable version of the form. When I open the form again it is blank. Why is this happening?

When you choose File > Save, a dialog box displays.

Type in the filename to save your printable version.

From the ‘Save as type’ drop down list – select Web Page HTML only (*htm, *html).

Note: If you do not save in this file type format you will get a blank form as the other types in the list are not suitable for single html pages. These are standard Internet Explorer file types.

Please note that we will shortly be changing our guidance to advise you to Print to Adobe pdf. If you are familiar with how to do this, then we would recommend using this method as a more reliable alternative. Please see Q5 for more details.

What do I do when a contact address is overseas as there are only details for UK based contacts allowed?

If any of the Contacts are based outside Great Britain, please use the Address Lines 1 to 3 and the Town fields to enter the actual non-GB address. For Postcode and Country, please enter the values that apply to the construction site address.

Why have I not received an email acknowledgement after submitting my notification?

There are two main reasons why you may not have received your email acknowledgement:

  • There may be stringent rules that your IT department has set, that quarantine this type of email as a SPAM message. You will need to ask them to release the message and to allow them to be passed through in future.
  • You may have made a typing error when you entered the email address for the notification to send to on the final page of the form (usually the client email). This will have the effect that when the email acknowledgement is triggered, the email will not go to the email address because it does not exist in the form it was typed.

If you provide details of the notification, we can help you retrieve the details of the notification.

How do I print the printable version of the online form?

On the Declaration screen select the ‘Print / Save form details’ button.

The printable version will load in a separate browser window.

From the Menu bar at the top of the window select File > Print and select the printer you wish to print to or use your default printer.

Your page will print to the relevant printer.

How do I save my form details?

The best way is to print the online form to pdf format as this retains the branding intact and has a good resolution.

On the Declaration screen select ‘Print / Save form details’ button.

The printable version will load in a separate browser window.

From the Menu bar at the top of the window select File > Print and select Adobe PDF as your print option.

This will save a read only pdf file that you can retain and or email as you wish.

How do I use the new F10 online form to submit updated information when I previously submitted my initial notification using the old form version or the scan version of the form?

Use the F10 online form and select the Initial notification radio button. When you are typing in the Description of Project field on the second page of the form just state that you have already submitted an initial notification by the old method and you are updating using the online form.

HSE will then be able to cross reference with the original notification.

My browser settings are not enabled to allow me to print my printable page.

HSE uses the standard Internet Explorer browser with the IE Menu bar enabled. If you use a different browser you will need to refer to the guidance for your browser to enable the Menu bar for printing etc. and / or contact your IT support department for assistance.

I want to print to pdf but do not have the option.

Check that you have Adobe PDF and if not you can download a free version from the Adobe web site may also need to check your printer options to ensure the option for printing to Adobe PDF is available and / or contact your IT support department for assistance.

Updated 31.03.15